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Garrett Ronning (sr) 360.789.8940

Nancy Ronning 360.866.0064

P.O. Box 11992
Olympia, Wa. USA 98508-1992

About this Website

If our website does not work well for your browser, please let Nancy know. Updating or changing browsers or enabling javascript solves many issues.

About Us

Nancy spent many years dealing with relational databases and other business related duties. More recently she did website design and management. Garrett (the younger one) and Nancy have collaborated in website work as Drizzle City Design. We are no longer available for website work or buiness consulting. Garrett specializes in network technology and security, but is not taking on new customers through at this time.

Garrett Sr. is busy with property management, golf and tennis. His team won at the 2012 USTA Pacific Northwest Super Senior Sectionals. Hurrah ! Congratulations to all for a job well done.

Renay & family are so very busy. The Grand-kiddies grow up all too quickly !

So much to do, so little time . . .

Nancy Ronning

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