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Photos & Images

A small collection of our photos and graphic images.

~ These are separate pages with descriptions and more photos ~
Screech Owl

Western Screech Owls
viewed in our yard at Harstine Island

Baby Octopus

Baby Octopus
found on the shores of Harstine Island

small map

Map of Harstine Island
I made this map several years ago. Harstine Island is near Shelton, Wa. USA. The map images on this page are quite large and may load slowly.

~ Photo Gallery ~

There are a few more photos in this slide show (total of 9).
Choose the Hi-Res version for larger images.

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Enjoy our photos, and you are welcome to copy them for personal use.
If you mistakenly use our photos for commercial (profit) purposes, please donate 50% of the profits to a college student, or your conscience will not let you rest.

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