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Garrett's business for Computer, Network & Security Technologies
SkyNet Systems provides security and maintenance services for business & residential networks. Contact an expert for help with your computer hardware or software needs!

Loretta Hall is an accomplished freelance writer. Here is her website "Underground Buildings More than Meets the Eye" is an interesting read and a beautiful book (see Her book "Out of this World in 80 Years" was named Best New Mexico Book in the 2011 New Mexico Book Awards.(see

Jerome Hall - Professor of Civil Engineering, Emeritus   at University of New Mexico

Nancy Fiala   Hand painted glassware ~

Stan Ronning - Harmonica Videos on YouTube - Wow !
. . . Septuagenarian plays his harmonica for the first time in over 50 years - Raw Video ! Yikes, even Stanley is an internet star !
Video 1 Video 2 Video 3

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National Adrenal Disease Foundation www.NADF.US

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Save Capitol Lake ! (one of Drizzle City Design's websites)

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Urban Legends Reference Page
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