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Ronning Wood Designs

Garrett Ronning
P.O. Box 11992 Olympia, Wa. 98508 USA

Wall Art & Home Items

Custom orders may be accepted for wood art based on your photo, or good drawing.
Samples of my work are shown below. (prices shown subject to change.)


Cedar with a redwood surrounding piece.
The gulls here are stained white,
and appear to be coming out of the clouds.
Size: 30" x 22"   $300


Cedar with a redwood surround.
The eyes are inlaid brass & mother of pearl
Size: 27" x 15"    $300


The horse here was done in oak, with a cedar surround.
Size: 15" x 9"    $200


This classic piece is done in Cedar.
A few parts are stained for contrast.
Size: 13" x 15"     $300.00

"The Contender"

His face is in black walnut, surrounded by an oak frame.
Size: 11" x 9"    $200

Wood Vases

Unusual geometric patterns
Size: 12" to 14" tall, about 5" wide
Price per Vase: $45.00 - $60.00

The Owl

He soars in cedar, with a redwood surround.
Size:  45" x 11"   $350

The Village

Tiny houses in the country, done in cedar.
Size: 42" x 21"   $400

Bowls & Clocks

Interesting home art as well as useful!
Bowls: about 12" diameter about 8" tall
$55 and up

Bowls & Clocks

Beautiful grains and distinguishing colors.
Clocks: from 2" to 8" tall $20 and up

Musical Merry-Go-Rounds

The horses are hand carved.
Each Merry-Go-Round is about 12" tall, 9" diameter.

Music Box Dancer Merry-Go-Round

Music Box Dancer Merry-Go-Round

Silver Bells Merry-Go-Round

Silver Bells Music Merry-Go-Round

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