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Photos & Images - Map of Harstine Island

Harstine Location Map

I made this map several years ago (2000) for my old website "the Harstiner". I have donated all commercial use of the map to the Harstine Island Crime Watch. You are welcome to view the map here, but don't reprint or reuse without permission.

Purchase reprints from Harstine Island Neighborhood Watch or Women’s Club. Their reprints are 11" x 17", & laminated. They may have maps available at the Saturday Market. If you pay additional shipping & handling fees, they may even mail you a copy. The Jarrell Cove Marina at the north end of Harstine may have some map copies on hand.

Small map

Many of the place names shown here are historical, and come from the memories of long-time residents or from the book "The Island Remembers".The book may be available from the H.I. Women's Club, try at the H. I. Saturday Market.

I created "the Harstiner" in 1998 as a vehicle for local news & information for Harstine Island. I sold/willed it to another island resident in 2002. Unfortunately the website no longer exists.

The Harstine Island Community Club has a website. Check there for current news & information. A very large print of my map may still be on display in the Community Hall.

. . . Map Legend . . .

Map legend

This map is not for any legal or navigational use.
The animals and sea life shown are not intended to show actual common or accessible locations.

Map section 1
Map section 2
Map section 3
Map section 4

Contact the Harstine Island Neighborhood Watch or Women’s Club for reprints of the Harstine Island Map.

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